The Difference You Make

Alice is a freelance photographer and film maker.

I teach at two universities, and am studying for a PhD. I also have schizoaffective disorder.

I lost ten years of my life to mental illness. I was in and out of hospital and felt isolated and alone. I wish I’d had access to better care at the time.

I've used the Rethink Mental Illness Advice Service a number of times. It was so adaptable – the advice felt very tailored to me. I asked them about setting up my own business and they did everything they could to get me the right information on employment and benefits.

I've used their crisis service too, and I still do. They’ve been amazing.

They're very person-centred and focused on recovery, and they’re never patronising on the phone. I remember one time when I rang up, I was in crisis and I was having trouble speaking, and they were so good. Looking back, I am really impressed with how they were able to talk to me and help me even though I couldn’t really even talk back.

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